Learning in this 21st century is taking a new paradigm as innovative learning tools are repositioning learning to make both teaching and learning not only effective, but impactful.

That is why those saddled with the responsibility of teaching or designing learning tools or curriculum should determine who their learners are; know what they need and devise how best to use the best and appropriate tool to get across to meet their needs.

This is important because the present crops of learners are changing as they are born in this day of digital technology: smart phones, i-pad, android, palm-talk, laptops and other advanced communication tools.

It is against this backdrop that Gemsland Learning & Development Centre came on board to meet learners’ needs by providing standardized and qualitative education services.

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We deliver our service to our customers with the utmost confidence that cannot be challenged because we employ the best team and use global best practices to achieve our mandate to our customers.

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Game Master

Game Master is a board game containing:Hurdible, Grammarfunbia, English Etiquette and the Whizkid. The game is aimed at building learners’ boost its intelligent quotient (I.Q) in: quantitative reasoning, current affairs and general knowledge questions.

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Smart Aleck.

Smart Aleck is an English Language vocabulary game in flashcards containing: wordplay, wordperfect, grandiloquent, what’s the difference and brain-builder. It contains about 250 flascards to build pupils vocabulary in: synonyms, antonyms,homonyms, homophones, spellings and grammar apart from helping them to be Smart Aleck in current affairs and general knowledge questions. Each of the games contains rubrics where the instructions on how to play the game and answers are inscribed. By playing the game learning becomes fun.

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Bible Quest.

Bible Quest is a Bible Quiz game containing a board game, The Pilgrim and 348 Bible Flashcards, Scripturewise. The aim of the game is to every player wise unto salvation in Christ (2 Tim 3: 15). Each game has its rubrics to guide the players.

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We specialise in creating success brands.

We have published textbooks for both primary and secondary school and most of them are in the Lagos State Ministry of Education approved textbooks.


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